Businessman heads to work in suit Givenchy qiqifashion Album

qiqifashion Album

Businessman heads to work in suit Givenchy qiqifashion Album1

THERE'S no doubt Ashley Maxwell Lam is a stylish dresser.With his blue suit, paisley tie and sunnies he looks every inch the city slicker as he struts through Sydney CBD to his financial services job high in a harbour view skyscraper.But it when you look down that the eyebrows really go up. Because Mr Maxwell Lam has ditched the standard men office brogue for something altogether unexpected: a pair of six inch, black patent leather high heels.fierce. No one expects to see a six foot tall man walking in six inch stilettos. is not a one off for charity, or to coincide with Mardi Gras this is his standard office attire.I decided to wear them at work, Givenchy Crossbody bag I told my (manager) and she said, me just confirm that OK. It was her making sure I wouldn get in trouble, but I replied, is not me asking, this is not a request, this is me telling you I going to be wearing heels. Maxwell Lam, who is a project manager for a major bank, said he hadn even donned a heel until a year ago. The reception has been mostly positive, but there have been some of disgust and there is one, maybe surprising, group who have reacted badly gay people.was my runaway. The last thing my dad said to me was, seem a bit lost at the moment, why don you move to Sydney to be with your people. He knew I was gay and it was his way of saying he supported me. An idea began to form. Then there was one of the female executives at his bank: towered over the room and said her heels made her feel powerful. I asked her how could an object make you feel powerful? So she said, try them on and see. I never felt more empowered then putting on a pair of stilettos and walking through a marble lobby. many woman would gladly ditch the heels, Mr Maxwell Lam said he took to them instantly.Nine pairs now grace his wardrobe. Four, in solid shades, are for work; a further five, which are more sparkly, for play.always pair my belt with my heels. Businessman heads to work in suit Givenchy qiqifashion Album If I wear my grey slacks with a red belt I wear my red shoes.the weekend, it might be sparkly heels with black skinny leg jeans and a muscle tee or purple ones if I going clubbing. I just love the complete contrast between masculinity and femininity. It makes people question things, just because he gay and wears nails doesn mean he doesn know how to use a chainsaw. (Which he can and has used, he insists.)For sure, he gets looks: mother taught me to be resilient I have a thick skin. You have to take the good with the bad; you do get people who look at you with disgust but mostly it curiosity.lot of people, especially young girls, will also stop me and have photos. Maxwell Lam said one senior manager wasn sure how to approach him about his new look. Shopping Givenchy With Wholesale Price: Tags:#yupoo aliexpress #aliexpress handbags #yupoo search #yupoo english #qiqi fashion #free vector #dhgate reviews #Givenchy #yupoo Givenchy