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Lines From Movies That Raise Endless Unanswered Questions pandora qiqifashion Album1

Movies are, of course, not written by rooms full of experts obsessing over every detail. Even a carefully constructed script will get changed on the fly, or lines will be improvised on the set based on what Ryan Reynolds thought sounded good in the moment.But in order to distract ourselves from the horror of everyday life, it's fun to overthink some select throwaway lines, because I'm telling you, they tend to completely break a film's universe if you take their implications to the logical end. For example .At one point, in a confrontation with an orc, Smith says, PANDORA ROSE "So I need you to take your fat, Shrek lookin' ass back to your vehicle and drive the fuck off to Fiona!" Ya know, like a person would say.So, despite the fact that this is a fantasy world with actual orcs, apparently everything occurred in the exact same manner as our real one, up to and including the release of the hit Dreamworks film Shrek? So in the Bright universe, Hollywood made a blockbuster movie nay, a goddamn franchise based around their equivalent of a crude racist caricature?Sure, Shrek was the hero of the movie, but he was also an unapologetically disgusting and smelly social outcast, which is why Smith is obviously not using "Shrek lookin' ass" as a compliment. In that universe, the Shrek franchise manufactured a new slur. Orcs may be second class citizens in that world, but surely they weren't cool with the film industry horribly representing them in the fourth highest grossing film of 2001. Were there ogre protests around the release? Were orcs (rightfully) flooding Mike Myers' email with complaints? Is it a scientific law that even if you fundamentally alter all of Earth's evolution and history, you still wind up with Shrek no matter what?Things get weird when you borrow common action movie catchphrases for your science fantasy that takes place in another era and universe. How exactly does Han know what Hell is? Are there other Earth religions in the Star Wars universe? Which ones? Was Han raised on a Christian planet?We guess that, Lines From Movies That Raise Endless Unanswered Questions pandora qiqifashion Album logically, none of these characters are really speaking English, and that the movie we're watching has been translated from whatever language they're actually using (though it does appear to contain some of the same letters, as evidenced by how they name certain ships). So maybe "Hell" has been translated from its original term. We suppose it wouldn't be as catchy if Han had said, "I'll see you in Rabapalu, which is a fiery place you may go to when you die where you receive punishments based on the sins you committed in life. Also, we're all born with original sin because Roogie the Hutt and TR 15 ate a flim trim fruit." Shopping PANDORA With Wholesale Price: Tags:#aliexpress handbags #yupoo search #yupoo english #qiqi fashion #free vector #dhgate reviews #PANDORA #yupoo PANDORA